Improve Productivity with Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

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One of the most important contributors to any company's success is employee productivity. Most organizations look far and wide to find ways to increase employee productivity, ideally in a manner that maintains reasonable operational costs. But many do not fully consider how much administration employees are involved in each month or pay period, which can create a significant cost to your organization. Many also don't recognize just how beneficial proper time management tools related to HR can be for productivity.

While most organizations quickly understand the value of project and task management software, such as CRM tools and other efficiencies apps, they often overlook important HR productivity apps, such as employee time and attendance tracking software, which is one of the most impactful productivity tools an organization can adopt.

Minimize Administration for Your Managers and Employees

Increasing productivity for your staff is a combination of both better time management and reducing administrative tasks. Administration alone has a direct impact, particularly for managers and HR staff who are managing employee time sheets, scheduling, reviewing time off requests, and balancing other HR-related info each pay period. Cutting hours from this administrative routine can provide tremendous savings and boost productivity… across the entire organization.

Perhaps it would surprise you to hear that one of the most effective tools for increasing productivity (time and attendance software) can do so very economically, but also, will often even reduce expenses. One your greatest expenses as an employer is the cost of employee labor. A time and attendance tracking app often goes unnoticed by employers who are searching for ways to improve output IN ADDITION TO reducing costs.

How Time and Attendance Tracking Increases Employee Productivity

Automating time sheet tracking is one of the best investments an employer can make. In addition to cutting countless hours of administration, it can also EMPOWER employees to better manage their time through convenience. Here are some of the ways it increases employee productivity:

  • Combatting Human Nature - We live in a day where everyone feels over-worked and overly busy. What's interesting is, unless employees are given the tools to self-manage and understand how their time is truly being spent, it's very easy for employees to underestimate their hours worked, arrive late, leave early, take longer breaks, and simply lose track of time. It's human nature.  In other cases, employees and managers are simply too busy to keep score. This is a process problem for the organization. A time and attendance software solution fixes this costly inefficiency immediately.
  • Employee Punctuality – It is not uncommon for large numbers of employees to develop the habit of showing up late, leaving early and casually adhering to break timelines when effective time tracking is not place. Perhaps it’s just by five or 10 minutes each time. While it seems innocent or common, these 10-30 minutes a day (per employee) are highly costly for employers. Correct this habit with automated timekeeping.
  • Overextended Breaks – Keeping track of time is a challenge for everyone. Life is fast-paced and busy, and employees have continuous needs outside of the office that need to be attended to. If you’re not making it easy for employees accurately and conveniently track time and be accountable, either through a mobile app or self service portal, you are losing valuable minutes of productivity each day. Solve this with time and attendance.
  • Make Employee Accountability Convenient – Where there is measurement, there will also be improved results. One of the most common reasons employees fail to manage their time effectively is due to a lack of proper or convenient tools. Using spreadsheets is highly ineffective. Using anything less than a simple process will not work and will effect employee punctuality/productivity.
  • Eliminate “Buddy Punching” and Time Theft – Time theft is a common problem for employers resulting in big losses of productivity and overpaid wages. There are many forms, which presents a great challenge that often gets overwhelming and overlooked. One of the most common forms is “buddy punching,” or employees punching in for each other. You can easily and quickly put an end to buddy punching with a simple biometric time clock.
  • Reduce Paperwork – Collecting employee time, planning schedules, allowing for changes, making edits, and approving hours each pay period takes significant time from your entire organization. Cut these costly hours of administration immediately with a time tracking solution.


Adopting a Full Human Capital Management Suite

Although time and attendance tracking along with employee staff scheduling are vital parts of the HR equation, they are only a piece. Payroll, leave management, performance management, benefits and many other components are also critical. When selecting a solution to better track time and scheduling for your organization, be sure to choose a technology that offers a full suite of HCM (Human Capital Management) tools within a single platform and database. Without it, you won't be able to fully benefit from the administration automation that can come with a single, unified system.

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