Facial Recognition: The Safest Time Clock for 2021


Does your current time and attendance solution require a touchscreen or physical time punch? How about a security system with security cards, key fobs or fingerprint scanners?

For many organizations, touchscreens, key fobs and fingerprint readers used to be ideal time and security solutions. But, in light of the "new normal," these touch-centric time punch solutions simply pose too much risk in COVID-19 transmission.




It's time for a safer solution. You can go touch-free with NoahFace, the facial recognition time clock built for today's workplace. Get Started with LinkHCM and NoahFace here. 


NoahFace offers completely touch-free time and attendance that is ideal for the workplace of 2021 and beyond. It's lightning-fast, highly customizable, and integrated directly with the Workforce Ready system.  



Here are 5 ways facial recognition timekeeping technology can make your workplace safer while improving your human capital management overall. 


1. Ensure Safety with Touch-Free Technology

In a time when organizations must take every precaution available to protect their teams from COVID-19, NoahFace's technology is a no-brainer.

Traditional timekeeping methods pose many dangers in potential COVID-19 transmission. Any technology that includes physical touch has a drastically increased risk of potential virus spread.

NoahFace eliminates this danger; with their touch-free, one-step access for time & attendance, you can be sure you are minimizing COVID-19 exposure risk for your employees.

And, with the thermal sensor add-on to check employees' temperatures, you can increase safety even further. This reduces liability for your organization, while keeping your team safe and healthy.


2. Save Time and Money with Speedy Setup and One-Step Access

The NoahFace system is iPad-based, meaning you can get set-up quickly and more affordably than with other solutions. You get the lowest cost Access Control credential provider, with the highest state-of-the-art complete solution.

With the lightning-fast solution, it takes just 1 second for an employee to clock-in. This saves you the time and headaches of more complicated systems, while increasing accuracy and maximizing employees' time. 

And, the authentication algorithms eliminate buddy punching, providing real cost savings for your business. 


3. Confirm Compliance with Seamless Workforce Ready Integration 

Easily configured Time & Attendance compliance rules are built-in to NoahFace. You can manage your workforce more easily and efficiently with full event logging and compliance rule-triggered alerts. It accurately logs and stores employee attendance times in accordance with workplace compliance requirements.

And the best part: the entire NoahFace system is seamlessly integrated with Workforce Ready. This means that all timekeeping, compliance and other employee data is synced in real-time to the rest of your human capital management suite. For the employer, you can be confident in compliance with more accurate and effective data.


4. Trust that your Data is Secure and Integrated

The NoahFace solution is highly secure, taking the utmost care with your organization's data. It works offline, automatically feeding your data to the Workforce Ready system without delay. 

And, by using facial recognition technology, you can be confident that all data is accurate and reliable. This solution eliminates buddy punching and other methods which could provide inaccurate time punch data.


5. Improve Efficiency with New Features and Customizations 

The NoahFace solution works out-of-the-box, but offers rich customizations to work for your organization's specific needs. Configuration options include fully customizable compliance questions around COVID-19, safety confirmations or license expiries. 

It is highly scalable with customizations available for virtually any workforce challenge. If there are features or specific solutions your organization needs, NoahFace can help find a way to bring them to life.

NoahFace is constantly evolving their product to better serve our customers - whether that's helping businesses adapt to the current COVID-19 crisis, or optimizing the employee experience with a small but important improvement.



Are you interested in safer, touch-free timekeeping technology from NoahFace and LinkHCM? Book a meeting with us to get started. 

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