Best Software for Employee Engagement

The recent popularity of employee engagement software shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since keeping employees engaged and listening to their feedback serves as an excellent way to reduce employee turnover. It also has the additional benefit of ensuring that customers have a better experience when dealing with an employee. For that reason, plenty of companies have been searching for the best possible platforms to use for employee engagement.

Of course, this recent rise in popularity has caused the market to become filled with too much employee engagement software. To help you search through the numerous options on the market, we have collected the best solutions below. If you're interested in implementing employee engagement software, continue reading on. 


What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software consists of various software features, such as survey, task management, gamification, and data analytics tools. They provide better insight into how they can retain employees and keep them engaged in their daily work. There are some HR solutions and performance management software platforms that come with employee engagement features. However, employers do have the option to buy employee engagement software as a stand-alone solution. 

A 2020 survey released by Gallup found that companies with massive employee engagement rates experience an 81% decrease in absenteeism, a 64% decrease in workplace accidents, and a 41% decrease in employee turnover. Even so, employee engagement is a unique experience for all organizations. Some businesses may value the idea of boosting sales, while others may see employee engagement as an opportunity to reduce turnover rates or enhance the efficiency of training and development. 

An employee engagement software with the appropriate features can help your organization gain insight on if your employees are engaged, grow employee performance through all departments, and improve our organization’s employee feedback. You can use these to your advantage to ensure your employee's morale, performance, and retention are enhanced. 


Best employee engagement software

Here are some of the best employee engagement software we have collected. Keep in mind that each software has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some of these may not be suitable for your organization due to size or budgetary constraints. It all comes down to figuring out which of these meet the needs of your company. 


Nectar is an employee engagement and recognition software that can assist you in connecting your whole workforce to ensure your employees feel like they are a part of a family. Its streamlined reward system allows you to give out digital gift cards and on-demand swag. The best part of all, organizations only need to pay for Active users and don’t need to deal with any contractual obligations. 

One of Nectar's impressive features is peer-to-peer recognition. Usually, it’s the management team that is responsible for rewarding the employee with an item. But with Nectar, employees can reward each other for their hard work in this employee engagement platform.  The other excellent feature would have to be the wellness challenges. You can create wellness channels and reward any employees that decide to participate. 

Instead of having to go to a store and purchase some sweet swag, you can instead use Nectar’s On-Demand Swag feature to acquire them. You can visit Nectar’s storefront and have it ship branded items directly to your employees as soon as you place an order. Nectar has a free version available for you to test out, but the Standard plan costs $3.50 per active user per month. 


Lessonly is a platform that can empower organizations to help their employees learn and practice like never before. By having reimagined the training and onboarding experience, Lessonly helps businesses deliver a well-crafted training program that gets employees excited to start their work. The platform is entirely customizable, meaning any organization can structure it to their specific needs, down to the company logo, images, fonts, and colors. 

Those with administrative powers can easily set up lesson plans by dragging and dropping them to include text, images, documents, videos, and quiz questions. Managers will have the ability to assign these lessons to their teams or specific individuals who can take these lesson plans through either a mobile device or desktop. 


Assembly gives organizations the ability to establish a digital community in which they can offer perks and social recognition to boost and impose their company culture. Employees will become excited whenever they decide to log onto the platform to see whose attention they’ve managed to gain. With its calendar feature, you can celebrate birthdays, holidays, and public anniversaries by having it send out notifications. That way, you can turn each passing day into a celebration for everyone. 

With the reward system, employees have the opportunity to earn a wide assortment of rewards, such as expense-covered classes, lunch, gift cards, or branded swag to boost their interest in coming into work each day. Another exciting feature is the core value sidebar, which allows employees to find out what are the most sought-after skills within the company. That enables them to make game plans to reach these positions. 

The software does provide a free trial, so you can test it out before making a purchase. If you want access to premium features, the pricing is based on cost per employee, but even that is relatively cheap. 


Survey Sparrow provides you with a way to conduct an omnidirectional assessment of your employees by utilizing 360-degree feedback software. These assessments are trackable through filters according to type and status. The survey report provides you data on the strengths, weaknesses, and hidden talents of your employees. With the 360 feedback tools, you can perform appraisals backed by performance reviews to create a better-prepared team.  The standard plan starts at $32 a month.


Bonusly provides you with an exciting way to keep your employees on their toes while boosting productivity and retention throughout the whole organization. By using this platform, you can grant everyone the ability to reward each other with various items. After a while, the small bonuses on the reward system start to add up in a meaningful way. The platform will grant you actional insight, connection-forming rewards, and deepen employee communication. 

The data and analytics feature provided by Bonusly encompasses practically everything, from the number of rewards given to each person to the number of recognition employees receive. The reward catalog feature permits employees the ability to redeem their bonus points for rewards such as gift cards and branded products. The hashtag system gives the platform a social media-like vibe that establishes a fun environment in the workplace. 

The starting price for Bonusly is $3 per month for each user. They do have a free trial that you can test out before making any final commitments. 


By using ConnecTeam, you can engage with your team members and help them share their thoughts and ideas. The platform makes it possible for your team to communicate with one another through pre-scheduled updates and social engagement tools.

The platform includes advanced features such as pre-scheduled updates, automated follow-up capabilities, and social network engagement tools. It also offers the ability to use pulse surveys, live polls, and suggestion boxes to permit all of your employees to have their voices heard. The pricing for this software begins at $39 a month for up to 50 users. There is a 14-day free trial if you wish to test out the platform first.


Unlike some of the other software on this list, Motivosity does its rewards system a bit more differently. Instead of brand rewards and gift cards, the software solution proposes small monetary bonuses as engaging rewards for employees who perform exceptionally well. Of course, they're more to the concept being proposed by the platform. Motivosity provides a similar experience to that of social media platforms. It does so by providing employees with a series of activities that can help boost morale. It does so to increase the happiness and productivity of the workplace. 

Motivosity is an excellent employee engagement software that enables organizations to establish a culture that celebrates the employee's success. That results in employees who feel highly appreciated and trusted, leading to better visibility throughout the organization, collaboration, togetherness that procure exceptional results. 


Another excellent employee engagement software for this list is Peakon. This platform is an employee engagement software that grants real-time conversations among employees, allowing you to find out how they feel. It provides managers with access to easy-to-use data, which offers them accurate data that can be used to make better decisions. It also helps identify the best possible time to invest time and money to prompt improvement. 

Peakon has managed to set itself apart from other companies by providing far more comprehensive data aside from general surveys. They offer companies unique insights capable of reshaping the whole organization. On their website, Peakon has claimed that they have managed to help several companies reduce their churning rate by 50%, thanks to its insight features. Peakon claims to make substantial changes through its ability to measure engagement.


ActivTrak offers its users insight into the productivity of their teams, so they can better understand how they are operating. The software is capable of identifying the work patterns of top performers and highlights distractions that reduce the team's concentration. Managers can view productivity trends throughout the organization and use benchmarks to make informed decisions. The system accumulates contextual data to reveal what makes top performs successful, allowing for better decision making and action plans. 

ActivTrak starts at 9$ per user per month. There is a free plan, but it only allows three users. 

Vantage Circle

Vantage Circle is an engaging employee software that combines four AI and SaaS-based solutions that assist organizations engage with employees in a meaningful manner. It comes with features such as an employee reward system, on-spot recognition, social recognition, feed engagement score, and much more. Vantage Circle was created to meet the engagement needs of various companies. 

One of the many features you can expect from Vantage Circle is Deep Analytics. It offers real-time dashboards that help keep track of employee trends, behaviors, and engagement metrics. There are two intelligent frameworks offered by the platform. The first one is the Standard of Living Index framework, which permits equal and instant rewarding of global employees. The AIRe framework combines Appreciation, Incentivization, and Reinforcement, to deliver recognition. 

With its peer-to-peer recognition, cross-channel integrations, and multi-device accessibility, you will have an easy time dealing with remote teams. You’ll be able to keep them engaged and ensure the whole remote team appreciates one another. The pricing starts at $4 per month for each user and offers a free trial. 


TINYpulse offers the ability to measure how excited, frustrated, or burn-out your employees are and gain real-time employee feedback to develop a company culture that your workforce can be proud of. A platform created to help with employee experience, TINYpulse was designed to help employers discover their employees' engagement and performance on every level, from onboarding until exit. The software shows care for the human side of work. 

Having realized that listening is only a tiny part of the equation, TINYpulse is implemented to help build a culture of recognition and appreciation and translate it into better performance. 


Gtmhub’s software provides you with several useful features that ensure collaborative, team-centric work so you can learn, align goals, manage performance, and celebrate employee success. It is capable of being integrated with several other platforms such as Slack and Facebook Workplace. Furthermore, the features enable you to promote your employee's engagement with the use of 360-feedback, conversations, and recognition badges. All users can request or provide feedback about current topics or decide on the next one. 

Employee engagement software has a lot to offer for any organization out there. With recent events, it’s essential to ensure your employees' morale is boosted frequently. By doing so, you can ensure that your workforce can continue to remain productive and return to work excited to get things done. If you need a platform that helps you keep track of your employee, check out ours today. 

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